When I came to China for the first time to train Kung Fu in Qufu Shaolin Kung Fu School, I didn’t even think about the Chinese martial arts tournament. That idea was very far from my reality. Almost one and a half years later, I have already participated in two Chinese martial arts competitions, and I have performed several times in front of a bigger audience. It is not because, during these almost two years, I have gained great kung fu skills. It is more because Qufu Shaolin Kung Fu school makes these events available for everybody who wishes to participate.

My 2nd Martial Arts Tournament In China

Weekend, 29th-30th of July

The weather in China was still very warm. The competition took place in Liangshan 凉山州 Shandong province, which is known for its Chinese Robin Hood stories. I have learned about this competition less than 2 weeks before the event, and I started to prepare myself for it just 2-3 days before.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve already performed these kung fu forms many times. So, I felt pretty comfortable with them. Well, at least with the fan form. I must admit, the staff form I hadn’t practiced since I have learned it, meaning since winter 2016 (around 1.5 years ago). But, all these forms have similar basic movements, which we train at school almost every day. Accordingly, starting to train these two forms just 3 days before the competition wasn’t as bad as it sounds.


Chinese Martial Arts Tournament

We needed to wake up very early to be ready in front of the Qufu school at 6 a.m. There was a bus waiting for 21 students. But, only 7 students decided to participate in the tournament. 2 hours driving in a bus. I couldn’t really sleep. I wasn’t very nervous. It was just uncomfortable. We arrived directly at the tournament venue.

At the beginning of each Chinese martial arts tournament, there is always an open ceremony. It was impressive how the kids and teenagers performed the jumps and kung fu skills on a hard and slippery floor. I admired them. The reason they do that without complaining is the way wushu is taught in most schools. You fall on solid ground, and you don’t cry. It is treated as conditioning. At some point, I guess, it doesn’t hurt so much. For me, till now, it is unthinkable to throw myself onto concrete. I need mats 😉

After the opening ceremony, everybody had time for lunch. The competing part of the tournament started in the afternoon, and it finished in the night, meaning around 10-11 p.m. Some of our students performed after lunch, some, including me, after dinner. I was among the last students to compete. I went in front of the judges to present my last form around 9:20 p.m.

I have to admit, this martial arts tournament was way more relaxed than the previous one. This time it was less of a big deal for me. I enjoyed watching a lot of performances. Apart from kung fu, I also saw taekwondo and sanda. Taekwondo sparring was only between kids. But, in sanda, there were adults, so it was pretty intense.


Chinese Martial Arts Tournament

Although the Chinese martial arts tournament lasted 2 days, all our students performed on the first day. On the second day, we all decided to explore Robinhood city instead of going back to the competition. On that day, we also needed to go back to school. We had just morning at our disposal. We missed the medal ceremony as it was on the third day of the tournament. We couldn’t stay that long in Liangshan.



I have to admit, I was a bit lazy this time to go to the tournament. I had moments when I doubted my decision, thinking why I needed to perform in front of the judges? But, I tell you this: every time, even when the event takes hours and hours, while your performance lasts just a few seconds, even when you question yourself in those moments, it is ALWAYS a good experience.

Whether you’ve done a good job or not. You go out of your comfort zone, and that’s what matters. Somehow, after going to the competition, I am always more motivated. I have many thoughts about what I should improve and what skills I should learn.

This is why, if you have an opportunity to go out of your comfort zone and perform:

  • don’t let your laziness take over,
  • don’t find excuses that you don’t need this,
  • don’t let your attitude drop,
  • push yourself and accept the challenge!

Believe me, you won’t regret it. The only thing that you get is more motivation!

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