Going Back To Intense Training

Wednesday, First Class After The Break

My training started with Kung Fu Basics. Usually, this class makes me sweat, but its intensity is nothing in comparison with Power Training. On that very day, Kung Fu Basics seemed exhausting. My body remembered the speed and power of the kicks, but it was not any more prepared for so much physical activity. Three times during the class, I had to go on the side, breathing deeply with my head down, sweeping away the dizziness and carousel in my head.

My Training During 5-Month Break

I was surprised. 5 months and the body forgot how to adapt to the training :/ and during that break – from the middle of October to the middle of March – it was not like I didn’t work out at all.

  • November – I was learning Kalaripayattu for 1 month in India.
  • In Poland… hehe, I was definitely lazier. It was Christmas and New Year’s time. But I bet I did some small workouts at least 3 times a week, as if not more.
  • February – I was in Berlin, where I had a chance to participate in a few contemporary dance classes. That was, by the way, awesome.

How Did My Body Adapt?

Going Back to Intense Training After A Long Break

I thought that going back to intense training wouldn’t be a big deal. But believe it or not, the beginning was hard. I had more muscle soreness than when I started to train Kung Fu for the first time in 2016! I couldn’t walk without pain for at least 2-3 weeks. Isn’t that weird? I have trained kung fu already for a year. My body should be more resilient…

That was the point – when I came to the Qufu Shaolin Kung Fu School for the first time, I didn’t know anything about kung fu. I learned the movements step by step, gradually gaining more speed, power, and fluency. My endurance was improving slowly.

This time I already knew the movements. I wanted to do them with the same power, speed, and strength as when I left. What a surprise… I couldn’t. It was not even about strength or speed. It was just that my body, after a few repetitions, was getting dizzy and tired. I understood:

Even if you have trained for a long time, the moment you stop, the body loses some percentage of endurance, strength, and agility. Going back to intense training will require time for the body to adapt.

THE SOLUTION IS: BE AWARE OF THAT. Start slowly. Do not use the same “weights”. Start from the middle of what you have achieved before. The body is like that. I noticed later that even one week’s break influenced my muscle condition, contributing to more soreness after the training. The body was adjusting maybe 2-3 days.

Not only breaks were the reason for being sore, but also a variety of training. I confirmed again:

The part of the intense training that you cannot skip is that you are most of the time sore.

However, I need to admit that this year wasn’t that tough as the last year.

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