OCTOBER Shaolin Kung Fu school in China

When I arrived at Qufu Shaolin Kung Fu school in China, the weather was quite appealing with many sunny days. We could still train in light clothes and chill out outside after the training or during the weekends. In November, it gradually got cooler. It was December when I needed to buy winter clothes – a warm jacket and underpants for training. Wearing two layers of clothes became a necessity. Still, though, until the middle of December, until Dani had left, I did enjoy a few warm days.

After that, I can only remember freezing in my room, freezing during the training, freezing, freEZING, FREEZING… The weather probably didn’t go much below 0°, but training outside and having the room in the corner of the building with the heating only at night was extremely exhausting.

DECEMBER 26TH Shaolin Kung Fu School in China

My only wish after the class was to rest in a warm space. But, before that, I needed to shower, which meant undress in the chilling bathroom. Afterward, I hide under several layers of clothing and blankets. As proof of how cold it was in our room, you can see the photo of my roommate sitting in our room wearing a couple of sweaters, a jacket, a hat, covered with a blanket.

Lying in bed, I could barely move. I was waiting for my body to warm up. When it did, I usually fell asleep. It felt like I had just closed my eyes, and the alarm rang. It was MORNING! Time to wake up, get off the warm bed to the coldness of the room, and start training.

It took me a couple of weeks till I realized that my struggles with low temperature were extreme compared to what other students were going through.

A COUPLE OF DAYS LATER Shaolin Kung Fu School in China

It turned out that the room I was living in was one of the coldest in the whole building. Because of that, I moved to the warmer room, situated on the first floor between Shiushiu’s room and Masters’ room. That was such a relief. I could breathe again. I could normally undress without freezing to bones. I could stay in one sweater, and it was fine. Going out of bed in the morning wasn’t a big deal anymore. Changing the room made me realize how energy-consuming was living in the room before. How much it made it impossible for my body to fully rest.

January and February were still very cold months. But I was able to rebuild my strength better. It started to be warmer in March when Dani came back. I was happy with every spring wind coming to the school.

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.”

John Pierpont “J.P.” Morgan

Shaolin Kung Fu


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